Why Contact Center Services Are So Important

Perhaps one of the most forgotten and underestimated departments in many companies is the customer service department. Many business people neglect their customer service departments because they are so busy dealing with things that seem more important. However, good customer service is truly the key to successful business, because customers rely on customer service representatives to help put them at ease when they have questions or concerns about the company or products they are purchasing. Good customer service representatives are responsible for not only answering questions, but also placing orders, signing people up for events, answering various types of questions, and helping to calm angry customers and resolve their problems in a timely and efficient manner. Because of everything that customer service representatives do for companies and customers on a daily basis, they should be placed high on a pedestal as the most important department in the company. If the customer service department in your company is lacking or nonexistent for one reason or another, you should consider rectifying the situation immediately by hiring Outsource Contact Center Services.

If you hire Outsource Contact Center Services, you won’t have to worry about setting aside large amounts of space in your office building for an entire customer service department, and you won’t have to worry about spending the time and money hiring each new customer service representative for your department. If you outsource your customer service needs, then you will instantly have a customer service department that you don’t have to make room for, and they will be able to start taking care of the needs of your customers in no time.

If you decide to hire Outsource Contact Center Services, you should first consider the different services that you want to include. Do you just want to have people available to answer phone calls and emails, or do you want to outsource some of your accounting and finance needs as well? Perhaps you would like to include data entry or web chat services in your contract, or you might even have a need to outsource some of your legal processes. Think in advance about the different services that you would like to outsource, and then try to find a company who will be able to take care of those various services for you. It is always better to go with one company that can handle a lot of different services than to hire several different companies to take care of the same job. Once you have found a good company to outsource your various services through, you are more likely to have happy customers who will become loyal supporters of your business.

Help your business succeed with the help of Outsource Contact Center Services. If your customer service is currently lacking, quality Outsource Contact Center Services can help bring it up to par.

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Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing to Inbound Call Centers

Did you know that 5% increase in customer retention can lead to 25% – 95% increase in profits? This fact was observed by Brain and Company, a world’s leading consulting firm. It has been dealing with the top executives for over forty years. This clearly depicts that an inbound call center customer service outsourcing is a vital component in increasing the overall profit of a company.

Customer Service Outsourcing: Customer Benefits

Following are the benefits incurred by a customer when a company hires the services of an inbound call center:

  • 24x7x365 Service

In a tightly packed daily schedule, customers prefer those products and services that come with the reliable customer support. With inbound call center outsourcing, a company can make sure that the customer’s queries are getting attended to promptly during all time of the day and year. It enables a customer to use the products and services of a company uninterruptedly. This will also encourage a customer to further invest in the company.

  • Feeling Valued

It is highly important that a company values its customer and reflect it in every way possible. A personalized troubleshooting potentially brings down the frustration developed in a customer due to a new and advanced product. Contacting a customer support executive trained in soft skills and standard accent is favored by customer over automated telephone system.

  • Effective Troubleshooting

The core function that an inbound call center customer service outsourcing entails is world class troubleshooting. The customer feels highly discouraged if investing time on a customer support call turns out to be futile. There is a great scope of cross questioning pertaining to the solution provided by the executive. This assures the high success rate of the inbound call center customer service outsourcing.

Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing: Company’s Benefits

Companies benefits largely with the help of inbound call center customer service outsourcing. Following are some of the main benefits:

  • Continued Patronage

Opting for customer service outsourcing to an inbound call center is indeed a good option for retaining customer patronage towards a company by truly valuing him. Prompt troubleshooting enables customers to enjoy optimum benefits of a product and service.

  • Additional Marketing

Company may also use BPOs to strategically increase its sales. Based on the queries produced by the customers, executives may suggest upgraded products, replacement of products and additional value added services. This will diligently increase the sales of the company in a minimum time span.

  • Metric System Survey

A BPO helps a company to register important customer information, such as e-mail address, shopping frequency, interests and preferences. This helps a company to release metric system surveys, formulate marketing campaigns and bring about the necessary changes, which in turn, increases a company’s credibility and market presence.

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Top Benefits of Outsourcing Business to Business Telemarketing Services

Did you know that two third (66%) of the total number of customers in any organization do not feel valued by the service provider? This was told by Mark Stevens, author of marketing and management books. If you do not want to be in the bad books of your valued customers, outsource business to business telemarketing services and provide them with effective customer support.

Advantages of Outsourced Business to Business Telemarketing Services

Business to business telemarketing services is an effective tool for reaching out to potential business prospects. Many companies opt for in-house telemarketing services and lose on the following benefits that an outsourced inbound telemarketing services provider has to offer:

  • Elimination of Over-Stressed Environment

By outsourcing business to business telemarketing services, a company can conveniently take some of the extra load off from the in-house employees. This eliminated work load can effectively be used by the company personnel to relax or perform the other core functions. A little relief from the work load can effectively lead to better performance at work by the in-house employees.

  • No Training Expenditure

When a company outsources outbound/ inbound telemarketing services to a firm, it relieves the company from indulging into sumptuous training process. Inbound telemarketing services executives are in-house trained and skilled in soft skills and technical support by the outsourced firm. The training quality for the inbound telemarketing services should be higher than customer support services as the executives would be communicating with the professionals on the other side. If you do not want your business to lose out on the revenues of your business, outsource B2B telemarketing services to trained professionals.

  • Ensures Client Patronage Towards the Company

Outsourcing business to business telemarketing services helps not only in reaching to potential customers and businesses but also helps retaining them. Customer support executives in an outsourced outbound/ inbound telemarketing services ensure that the customer feels satisfied after the troubleshooting session. Skilled agents may also entice the customers with lucrative products and services in order to maintain their interest in the company.

  • No Additional Administration Cost

Organizing an in-house business to business telemarketing services requires the company to invest money and resources in software systems, appoint managers and analysts and create more space for accommodating a team of outbound/ inbound telemarketing services support executives. Managing the employee payment plan, increments and more such expenses also simultaneously increase. You may just want to outsource business to business telemarketing services to a good and affordable BPO company and feel relaxed about the complex structure.

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Providers of BPO Services Can Boost Your Revenue by Keeping Customers Happy

Have you been running a business for quite some time now, but can’t seem to attract as many customers as you would like? You would be surprised to know that such a situation may in fact be the result of poor customer service. Yes, customer service plays a major role in almost any business these days, keeping customers happy and attracting new ones as well. If this service is not up to the mark, even the most popular business can cease to exist in due time.

However, managing this critical service in house is not an easy task. Not only would you have to maintain a sizeable workforce composed of skilled and experienced individuals, but will have to shell out a small fortune to keep the turnover rate under control! Thankfully, you can work around this dilemma, by allowing a reputable provider of business process outsourcing services to handle the task on your behalf. And this is how you can proceed towards finding the best provider of BPO services possible:

  1. Look around a bit: This is something that most entrepreneurs do not even consider doing. However, this can indeed make the selection process much easier. Simply run a search on the internet and you will come across a large number of names of providers that offer business process outsourcing service or business to business customer service, or even both. Make a list of names and proceed with the second step.
  2. Verify the reputation of the service providers: This is very important, as the provider will have access to a lot of sensitive business information. You can verify the reputation of each provider by running a search on the internet with the provider’s name, followed by keywords like fraud or scam.
  3. Get in touch with the provider: The last, but the most important step will be to actually get in touch with the BPO service provider and have a talk about the services you need for your business. Also, make sure you discuss the terms and conditions of the service, as well as fees. Most providers charge very reasonable fees these days, but it can’t hurt to confirm it anyway.

If everything seems alright, then go ahead and let the third party provider of business process outsourcing services handle customers’ problems for you. Who knows, the provider of BPO services might actually end up doubling your business revenue within a short time!

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Why Inbound Call Centers Are So Popular

Inbound call centers are an integral part of global businesses today. Customer support services include having a team of expert customer care executives who can efficiently perform the task of providing product support. Proper after sales support makes a producing company reputable. People prefer doing business with or consuming products of companies that provide comprehensive product support and help lines. Continual functions of an inbound call center also result in more marketing for a company as consumers are better informed. New products, upgrades, changes, and such aspects of a product’s success depend on good customer support services. For a company, getting an idea of the market acceptance and reputation of a product is easier if inbound call center activities are high.

Inbound call centers are preferred among the executives too. A good telemarketer or customer care executive will not want to take up outbound services. Most often, outgoing calls to sell or promote a product is unwelcome. Customers seem to find it better to research on the Internet or call in about information voluntarily. This is why, since the conception of the BPO industry, customer support services have always been associated more closely with inbound call centers.

Companies today prefer self-service because it saves costs to provide 24/7 customer support. Customers also like self-service to find what they are looking for without delay. This is why in a recent survey in 2010, 50% of the inbound call centers are customer oriented. As Internet penetration continues to grow, companies increasingly prefer to keep the marketing interlinked to customer support services. This incorporation has been recent, only about a decade in the making. When a customer calls in about product support, a soft sale push is tactfully placed into the service. The quality and acceptance of the sale depends on how well trained and capable the executive facing the call is.

In the BPO industry today, inbound call centers are also greatly provident for the outsourcing company. With 24/7 help lines being continual customer support services, there is more available work. Contracts for an inbound call center process are usually longer in tenure and much more accepted by the market. This is also because good customer care personnel are easier to find and hire over telesales personnel.

Providence Business Services provides you with one of the best comprehensive inbound call center and customer support services in international business. We have an extensive range of proficient business process outsourcing solutions. With a dedicated team of professional customer service personnel, Providence gives you an inbound call center at the most affordable rate!

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Understanding International Customer Support Services

When the Internet became an undisputed part of the global economy, communication was one of its major boons. Calling over the Internet cut international call rates to a fraction of its costs. This changed the customer support services industry drastically. Companies could now concentrate on the manufacturing process without worrying about local business process outsourcing services. The efficiency of customer care provided by BPO services was indeed an advantageous step in global commerce and the service industry.

Communication was a major issue in international business. A product being manufactured in one corner of the world needs to have substantial customer support services abroad. Especially complex electronics that needed personalized help to run and troubleshoot. Eventually, every sector from banking, insurance, financial management, legal solutions, and almost any industry imaginable began to use BPO processes for the benefit of their clients. When an issue of urgency or complexity arose, the BPO companies could easily perform a third party communication between the client and the producer. Hence, with a localized presence of customer support services, business process outsourcing services began to grow.

Today, almost no industry can run efficiently and survive international competition without proper business processing outsourcing services. In a survey among BPO services, half of respondents were classified as ‘customer-oriented.’ A further 35% were classified as searching for the ‘latest and greatest’ applications. ‘Cost-focused’ companies represented the remaining 15% of respondents. Hence, understandably, the business process outsourcing services industry has dynamics of its own.

With easy communication being the fundamental idea behind BPO services, cost cutting is a major factor. When customer support services are outsourced to a local company, they can help the production company maintain its reputation in the area. Fast and quality customer care is only possible when the production company is in regular contact and gives sufficient information to the company to which they have outsourced work. All such regular communication is carried on over the Internet today.

In the global commerce scenario as it is today, having an aggressive edge over your competition is vital. Providence Business Services provide all business process outsourcing services at the friendliest international rates. Our BPO services include each aspect of customer support services like Internet based interaction, telephonic communication, live chat, and a host of other solutions. Contact Providence today for your company to be a ahead in international business and customer communication.

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Is Outsourcing Help Desk Services Right for You?

Those who are new to the idea of outsourcing help desk services often wonder why these services should be outsourced at all. Some of the most important advantages of outsourcing help desk service include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Low costs when compared to employing own employees for the job
  • Faster response times
  • Coverage during emergency situations when you require large volume support (like when launching a new product)
  • Sufficient support when rolling out new products
  • Sufficient resources to help you cover sudden, unplanned emergencies in customer support
  • Sufficient support during times when businesses expand, merge or acquire other businesses

Thus, it is obvious that an in bound telephone answering service helps you increase sales opportunities and ensure high customer satisfaction while controlling your own costs.

In real time, help desk services are nothing but specialized inbound customer service centers that coordinate interactions across various channels in real time. Since these services allow unlimited customer contacts, the company can ensure that customers are truly getting their money’s worth.

Generally, when a customer contacts the help desk, employees may or may not leave their immediate tasks and attend to the needs of the customer. But, if you outsource inbound customer service, you have qualified and highly trained personnel who can provide immediate solutions to your customers. This prevents the call from getting lost in the press of daily business, which happens if the staff handling help desk service is busy with something else.

By outsourcing help desk services, it is possible to handle help desk tasks in a structured manner that you can count on each and every time. Thus, customers and even staff members will have greater confidence in the company as they know that their call will be handled immediately and responsibly.

Your staff too benefit when you outsource telephone answering service. Often, customers come up with queries that seem very basic and almost child-like. Employees are in the danger of handling such calls with limited finesse and understanding. Even the press of daily business could make them brusque and impatient. However, a hired help desk service will take special care to treat every customer with kid gloves, regardless of the nature of their query. Their purpose is to keep your customers satisfied.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of reduced overhead costs and reduced investment in equipment and maintenance, you are better off outsourcing your help desk services. Once you do that, you might notice that there has been an immediate improvement in your competency and service quality. And that is precisely what your customers want.

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