Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing to Inbound Call Centers

Did you know that 5% increase in customer retention can lead to 25% – 95% increase in profits? This fact was observed by Brain and Company, a world’s leading consulting firm. It has been dealing with the top executives for over forty years. This clearly depicts that an inbound call center customer service outsourcing is a vital component in increasing the overall profit of a company.

Customer Service Outsourcing: Customer Benefits

Following are the benefits incurred by a customer when a company hires the services of an inbound call center:

  • 24x7x365 Service

In a tightly packed daily schedule, customers prefer those products and services that come with the reliable customer support. With inbound call center outsourcing, a company can make sure that the customer’s queries are getting attended to promptly during all time of the day and year. It enables a customer to use the products and services of a company uninterruptedly. This will also encourage a customer to further invest in the company.

  • Feeling Valued

It is highly important that a company values its customer and reflect it in every way possible. A personalized troubleshooting potentially brings down the frustration developed in a customer due to a new and advanced product. Contacting a customer support executive trained in soft skills and standard accent is favored by customer over automated telephone system.

  • Effective Troubleshooting

The core function that an inbound call center customer service outsourcing entails is world class troubleshooting. The customer feels highly discouraged if investing time on a customer support call turns out to be futile. There is a great scope of cross questioning pertaining to the solution provided by the executive. This assures the high success rate of the inbound call center customer service outsourcing.

Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing: Company’s Benefits

Companies benefits largely with the help of inbound call center customer service outsourcing. Following are some of the main benefits:

  • Continued Patronage

Opting for customer service outsourcing to an inbound call center is indeed a good option for retaining customer patronage towards a company by truly valuing him. Prompt troubleshooting enables customers to enjoy optimum benefits of a product and service.

  • Additional Marketing

Company may also use BPOs to strategically increase its sales. Based on the queries produced by the customers, executives may suggest upgraded products, replacement of products and additional value added services. This will diligently increase the sales of the company in a minimum time span.

  • Metric System Survey

A BPO helps a company to register important customer information, such as e-mail address, shopping frequency, interests and preferences. This helps a company to release metric system surveys, formulate marketing campaigns and bring about the necessary changes, which in turn, increases a company’s credibility and market presence.

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