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An offshore contact center partner to businesses in USA, UK, Australia and Canada
You no longer need to worry about an area that is not your core focus. Leave it in the hands of the experts allowing you to concentrate on your core functions and business interests allocating time and resources in the correct areas.
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Top-of-the-Line Contact Centre Outsourcing Services for Your Business

Is your business in a deteriorating condition? Are you thinking of hiring vendors to improve your productivity? If yes, you can take help of contact centre outsourcing services and get solution to all your business problems. The experienced managerial team at Providence is ready to handle and overcome all types of challenges your business is facing.

At Providence, we offer you a team of professionals having over twenty years of BPO experience. Since inception we have successfully provided the leaders in both private and public sectors, with cost-effective and innovative business and technical solutions. Whenever you need help all you have to do is contact us. Our contact centre outsourcing services include- order taking, providing technical support, answering queries, registering and enrolling events, and many others. We are always at your service for twenty-four hours, seven days a week. We offer high quality voice and non-voice technical support customer service, third party verifications, data processing, and knowledge driven services. We develop and design methodology depending on individual client’s requirement. Our solutions are customized to solely suite your needs. We do not restrict ourselves to a single specific method. Our contact centre outsourcing services can meet your critical business outcomes, for the situations mentioned below-

  • If you want to boost sale and up-sell conversion rates to generate additional revenue
  • If you want to increase retention through improved customer satisfaction
  • If you want to avoid capital outlays or need to tighten contact centre budgets
  • If you want to minimize the risks of frauds, security breaches or customer privacy leaks

You do not have to worry about an area which is not your core focus. You can leave it in the hands of our experts and concentrate on your main business interests and functions. You can allocate your precious time and resources in the proper places and leave everything else in our hands. Our contact centre outsourcing services provides the operation and management of your inbound and outbound contact centers, by handling high value, complex customer interactions. Our services support your clients with multiple channels for both voice and non-voice interactions, throughout the client life cycle.

With our long term experience, we are confident of our agents for establishing rapport and quickly building good relationships with your customers as well. Once you start taking our service, you will see that Providence works as an extension of your business. We work hand in glove with your own team to help you achieve business objectives and more leads.

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