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Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting & finance related services from one-off projects to operational accounting & finance solutions to your day to day activities.

I.Account reconciliations
Account reconciliation services in terms of Bank reconciliations, Tax reconciliations and reconciliations on prime entry books. This assists your company in ensuring that accurate records are maintained in your company and assists in minimizing errors made.

II.Fixed Asset registers (FAR)
You can provide all the supporting documents related to the purchase of your fixed assets and we can prepare the FAR, update it and calculate the depreciation and compute the Net Book Value. We undertake verifying the physical existence of the Fixed Assets as well

III.Accounts payable
We will maintain your Vendor details and clarify with the Vendor invoices and process payments to vendors based on the due dates and specifications. We will provide Vendor reconciliations and Management reports on Age analysis.

IV.Accounts receivable
We will maintain your client details and prepare Sales invoices as per your specifications. We provide management reports on Age analysis of receivables and reconciliations.

V.Secondment of Staff
Our staff will handle your accounting under your supervision which will eliminate your training and other HR related costs. Our competent and skilled staff will assist you in making decisions and following your accounting practice

VI.Accounting System audits
We provide system audits on your existing accounting system in terms of vouching, recording and approval system etc. and we will assist you in ensuring that your accounting system runs smoothly and give you recommendations of the best practice.

VII.Valuations, financial research and transaction advisory services
If you are planning to acquire or merge with another company, we can provide the valuation of the company as well any asset you have planned to acquire. We provide research on financial data.






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