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An offshore contact center partner to businesses in USA, UK, Australia and Canada
You no longer need to worry about an area that is not your core focus. Leave it in the hands of the experts allowing you to concentrate on your core functions and business interests allocating time and resources in the correct areas.
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Reputed Outbound Contact Centre for Handling Customers 24x7

Do you want to contact potential customers through calls with the intention of selling your products? If yes, you can take advantage of outbound contact centre services at Providence. We offer you a complete inbound and outbound contact centre service.

At Providence, the experienced professionals have the ability to handle outbound activities via fax, telephone, email or other web based communications. The sophistication of our system permits customized reporting. Our services are tailored to client’s information. Our team members can intelligently perform in handling calls. Providence members work with you to drive effective campaign management for producing positive results in your business.

You can cut down costs to build a new facility to generate extra sales. All you have to do is give us the responsibility to make your business grow. With our outbound service, you do not need to worry about other business related issues like hiring new workers, giving other regular employee benefits, instituting additional compensation, and so on. You can widen your market by delivering your message to prospective clients, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

All of our professionals undergo a thorough training program in our in-house training department. Our qualified language trainer ensures that all voice services are delivered without any artificial accent, to each market and at all the times. The types of projects handled in our outbound contact centre services include- Campaign follow up, Conference and seminar recruitment, Telemarketing, Database cleanse enhancement, Appointment setting, Telesales, Lead generation, Survey completion, Market research, and many more. We are well equipped with the advanced tools and technology to create successful marketing calls for your products and services.

We have over 20 years of experience. Our team members can offer you the best possible “Business to Consumer” and “Business to Business” telemarketing support. We can ensure you that the professionals at Providence comply with the most stringent certified and ethical standards, in generating a new business, selling products & services, undertaking surveys or validating customer databases.

We fully reflect your own organizational values, service and style delivery requirements. Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize our outbound contact centre services. Be the first to avail our service before your competitors do. With our well-trained, motivated team members and updated technology, we can offer you a quality of service and value for money, which is unparallel! Availing our service will get your business a clear edge over the competitors!!

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