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An offshore contact center partner to businesses in USA, UK, Australia and Canada
You no longer need to worry about an area that is not your core focus. Leave it in the hands of the experts allowing you to concentrate on your core functions and business interests allocating time and resources in the correct areas.
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Outsource Contact Center Services to Grow Your Business

Do you want to generate more sales for your business? Are you hesitating to venture into new areas because of the high cost involved in infrastructure and work power? If yes, you can get solutions to your problems here. At Providence, we offer you the best outsourced contact center services and take your business to new heights.

Our outsource contact centre services deliver high quality IT enabled services that leverage an offshore delivery model. Providence brings together a unique combination of technology expertise and business processing capabilities to deliver innovative back office solutions for your business. Our focus is to provide you with a wide spectrum of services. At Providence, we have our own state of the art contact center services and technologies that provide cutting edge solutions to our clients.

We offer services towards call center services, social media marketing, outbound and inbound telesales, internet marketing, online data entry, voice broadcasting, search engine optimization, link building, reputation management of brands & organizations, database supply & marketing, software solutions & development, appointment settings, and so on. We provide you with simple and cost effective services. You can outsource contact center services to help your business take a step further with the exposure it needs for globalization.

By outsourcing your service to our contact center, you can save your most valuable time and productive resources. Our outsourcing metrics can save your company from having high operating costs. Our contact centre service can help to increase the profit of your business. In fact we will bring an increase in all the aspects of your business, in terms of performance, quality and productivity. Our language instructor ensures that your customers will never be subjected to mechanic artificial accents and stilted delivery. By outsourcing, you can also save in terms of infrastructure and manpower. You can also keep your business open for 24x7 as our centers are located in different time zones. Our service will also provide you with other outbound services like- appointment setting, lead generation and qualification, phone sales, database building, list cleaning, surveys, market research, seminar registration, and so on.

You can provide help desk services by outsourcing those activities of your organization to Providence. Our trained personnel, with experience of over twenty years and strong interpersonal skills, will solve your customers’ problems within a short time. Thus you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and maintain an excellent reputation among clients as the best!

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