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More About Providence Business Services

Telephone Answering Services

Help Desk

The best way to provide help desk services to your clients is to outsource your help desk activities to Providence. Our trained personnel with their strong interpersonal skills will solve your clients' problems in no time enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and maintain an excellent reputation among customers as the best after sales service.

Order taking

If you run a Shopping Portal or an Online Business store, we offer you our excellent order taking service. Through us, your clients can place orders via online forms or phone calls as per their preference. This hassle free process is guaranteed to secure you more satisfied customers and potential sales than ever before.

Customer service

We ensure that your clients get the best support from our specially trained Customer service team. All members acquaint themselves with the services you provide, enabling them to make those customer pleasing decisions that convert to new customers into long term long standing customers.

Technical support

If you are engaged in marketing electronic products or any other product requiring technical knowledge, our technical support team can service your customers with any technical difficulty they may face.

Answering service

Answering Service – At times, customers calling a Help Desk for support simply need to hear a friendly human voice at the end of the line assuring them that their problem will be sorted out in the shortest possible time. We can provide this service 24/7; so that you can relax and watch that list of satisfied customers rapidly grow.

Debt collection

In today' challenged economic status of most businesses, being a money lender can plunge you into a dilemma, particularly when clients delay repayments for long periods. Our Debt Collection Agents are armed with up-to-date knowledge of laws and customs applicable in the region where the defaulters are based, and will make them see reason in a perfectly legal, non-threatening manner. You can look forward to collecting your debts and avoiding unnecessary legal hassles.

Event registrations and enrollments

Whenever you have a public event to organize, leave the registrations and enrollments to our skilled team. With their superior interpersonal skills, they will make sure your guest records are well maintained and updated, for quick access in time of need.






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